Homefront is Where the Patches Are…Or Are They?

April 14, 2011Written by Heath Hindman

Almost exactly one month after Homefront‘s release on the PlayStation 3, Kaos Studios has submitted an update patch to Sony for testing. While specifics on the patch are vague, the patch should fix some common problems that have emerged on Homefront‘s online multiplayer, including lag, freezing, and even disconnections.

Kaos Studios promises that it is working closely with Sony to test the patch and deliver the update as soon as possible. No release date has yet been set for the patch.

A bit of controversy has been going on surrounding such patches, with many gamers claiming that version 1.03 has been leaked, but forum mods on the Kaos homepage reportedly have been cleaning up any claims of its availability. Coming mostly from the UK, some users have gone to the links of taking videos of the patch in action in order to prove to other online players that they do in fact have it installed. Below is one such sample video:


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