Red Johnson on the Case; Discovers Details & Release Date

April 14, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

Red Johnson’s Chronicles is an upcoming detective game for the PlayStation Network, for which few details had been released. However, that changes today with the announcement of a release date, trailer, and a plot line summary.

Recently we reported on the announcement of Red Johnson’s Chronicles and showed you a couple screen shots of the new game. Other than the premise of it centering around investigating murders, little was known about the game, but new details show us that the interesting point and click style adventure will be available in less than a week. Developed by Lexis Numérique, players will take control of Red Johnson, a veteran detective on a mission to clean up an area simply known as ‘Metropolis’, where some of the seediest and most dangerous criminals reside. In fact, things are so bad that Red is one of the few cops still brave enough to continue investigations there, leaving him with numerous foes, and possibly questionable friends.

As you can see, the characters he’ll be encountering won’t exactly make things easy for Red. It appears that, during the game, Red will be primarily focused on a particular murder case, for which Lexis Numerique was kind enough to provide preliminary details:

The scene opens on Metropolis, the capital of crime. Here, even the police don’t bother trying to keep the streets safe, and are more often on the side of wrong than right. A seasoned veteran in the field of investigation and a man who believes in all things just, Red Johnson is at his wit’s end, tasked with taking on the criminals that the authorities don’t care to touch. Shots ring out from down near Drownedmen’s Bridge, and Red realizes that although he is stretched to his limits, it will be up to him to solve the case.

The victim is one of the most hated men in town and, as expected, Red is called upon to help find the murderer. While two women, Sonia – an unstylish, redheaded escort – and Theresa – the victim’s insanely cold widow – are immediate suspects, Red soon encounters several other dubious characters that he must deem friends or foes. Interviewing the men in town doesn’t make anything clearer, but only adds to the list of suspects. Raoul, a violent drunk who pretends to be king of the bums, Officer Robert who pushes his work off on everyone else and Saul, who suspiciously has all the answers that Red needs. As the suspect list grows, so do the enemies including mobster ‘black plague’ Carlos, who “don’t take nothing from nobody.”

Just like any real murder investigation, anybody could be a suspect, and with the most hated man in town being the victim there’s probably plenty of motives to go around. It was also announced that Red Johnson’s Chronicles will release on April 19th, adding to an already decent list of awesome games arriving next week. Are you interested in trying out this new take on point and click murder mysteries?