No Keyboard and Mouse Support for PS3’s Portal 2

April 16, 2011Written by Ray Conley

Yep. Sadly, the article’s title isn’t a typo. It looks like the Aperture Science lab won’t be making room for mouse/keyboard support on the PS3. Like all of you, we anticipated the comfort of the mouse and keyboard function, but Valve apparently didn’t see the necessity for the split peripherals.

Portal 2′s project lead Joshua Weier was recently asked about whether PS3 owners would be seeing the option for the requested control scheme. Weier responded on PS Blog to the dismay of some fans.

No, unfortunately we don’t do that. The whole game is built around playtesting, which extends to the hardware and how people use it.

We have people internally who played on the PS3 – we use it all the time – and we constantly iterated it.

Interestingly, Weier went on to say that Portal 2 wouldn’t be a “twitchy” experience, as those who have played the first Portal would have expected a similar gameplay structure.

Luckily, Portal 2’s not a super twitchy, complicated game, so we just focused on making a comfortable controller experience.

Being a fan of the first Portal, it would only seem appropriate to anticipate that fast, acid-reflux gameplay that made some of the levels frustratingly fun and memorable. However, the focus for a “comfortable controller experience” may not be a bad thing for those die-hard DualShock 3 gamers.

Does this news sway some of you from signing up to be a lab rat on the PS3’s Portal 2?