PlayStation Home v1.5 Update Hitting PS3’s This Week

PlayStation Home has undergone numerous, radical changes since it’s inception, and this latest update is proving to be no exception. What should Home users expect? Let’s take a look.

Initially, on the user-side of things, this update won’t look like much, however it will serve as the building block for far greater subsequent updates, and will give developers a plethora of new tools to make bigger, better, and more beautiful in-Home games and environments.

One of highlights, aside from the potential for richer visuals, is the utilization of the Havok game engine. This particular engine has been used in everything from Sonic Unleashed to Resident Evil 5 and beyond. Just considering the use of the Havok engine, along with concept images for a new Central Plaza, we’re looking at the potential for a full Home redesign, as well as PS3-quality games available directly through the social network.

Look for this update when it hits your PS3 on April 21st, and be sure to stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for all the latest news on Home, along with any reports on any potential changes brought about by the most recent update.