See the Mortal Kombat Artwork that Shaped the Brutal Landscape

April 23, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

Mortal Kombat is one of the most identifyable video game series in history, not only because of its violent assets, but because of its cool characters and dark themes. This year’s release continued that trend prominently, and part of that success is due to Atomhawk Design, an art design company located in the United Kingdom. Ultimately, their vivid concept art paved the way for the visual design of the game that has kept gamers glued to their couch for the past few days now.

Below are several pieces of art that were designed by Atomhawk and used during the development process of Mortal Kombat.

We reviewed Mortal Kombat earlier in the week, and were mortally entertained by its offerings. If you’re into fighting games, need an outlet for your stress, or just feel like tearing people apart, then this title is one of the easiest recommendations in recent times.