Cross Game Chat #35 – Console vs. PC

April 25, 2011Written by Josh Fernandes

The PSN may be down, but Cross Game Chat will always be here for you. The crew have strong opinions on this week’s news, and a few intense debates start up.

Our News Topics

  • Sony Fights to Resuscitate the PlayStation Network
  • Fumito Ueda Delays Both his PS3 Projects
  • God of War 4 Defying the Gods, Releasing September 2012?
  • Dead Space 3 is currently in the lab as Visceral Games is hiring
  • PS3 May See Skyrim Mods
  • Child of Eden Delayed for PS3, but for a Good Reason
  • Chrono Trigger Prepares to Show the PSN What’s Been Missing

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Our feature this week is about the role of the PC in today’s gaming era. Next week’s feature is a question posed to the cast and the listeners; Do you still play with the Move controller? If you do, how often do you play? As always, you can send in your answers to [email protected] or twitter by us next Saturday @PSLifeStyle.