Kojima Feels L.A. Noire May Change The Future of Gaming

April 26, 2011Written by Allen Tyson

With continued development on Snake’s saga in the Metal Gear Solid series, involvement with Metal Gear Solid :Rising and Sony’s upcoming NGP, Hideo Kojima appears to have very little time these days–not even including his new duties as VP of Konami Digital Entertainment.

So when Kojima-san is willing to take what little time he has to play what he calls “the only game” he’s looking forward to playing this year, both fans and non-fans of his work should take notice.

Hideo Kojima made a bold statement surrounding Team Bondi’s upcoming title L.A. Noire. In a recent tweet he stated that the game is more than just on his watch list: he thinks it could change the future of gaming. Kojima-san had this to say:

It seems that “L.A. NOIR” will be released in Japan on 7th July(the Star Festival). It is the most and the only game that I am looking forward to playing. English version will be released in May. I cannot wait, but as it is the detective game, I should wait for the Japanese version. This game may change the future of “adventure game.” I’ve got a big expectation!

If L.A. Noire performs well, it’s highly probable the best elements of that game could find themselves in the cinematic story-telling world that Kojima-san knows all to well. Fans of MGS may want to play L.A. Noire themselves…if just to get glimpse how their next game might be.