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Developer Asks PSN Users to Decide if Game Should Be Cancelled

Aside from the unrest many are feeling due to the recent PSN security breach that their personal information may have been compromised, many are wondering how the breach has affected developer’s confidence in the PlayStation Network. Will users still support and spend money on PSN enough to make their games profitable? One developer, is asking that exact question, and has thus turned to the PSN community, asking users to vote on if it’s even worth releasing their game.

redspotgames, developer of the upcoming PlayStation minis, Rush Rush Rally Racing, is asking users to vote in an online survey, to find out if there is “still confidence in Sony’s services” and if “there still a demand for new games” on the PlayStation Network.

redspotgames CEO, Max Scharl, says that “should an enormous amount of users vote against the PlayStation Network, a cancellation is likely.”

To vote in this survey, click here. We suggest you sound off in the survey and let your voice be known. Otherwise, let us know in the comments below how you feel about this situation. Will you be buying future relases from the PlayStation Network? And do you believe developers should be cancelling games due to this major data breach?