ESRB Details The Red Light District, Blood Splashes and “Animal-Like Creatures” Of inFamous 2

April 30, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

You might be slightly upset that you can’t play the inFamous 2 beta right now, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be incredibly excited for the open-world action-adventure sequel that we loved back at GDC. With a release this June, the ESRB has rated the title, describing several features of the game and explaining why it received a Teen rating.

The Entertainment Software Rating Board provided a lengthy description of their rating decision:

This is an action-adventure game in which players assume the role of Cole, a man who must stop a monster from destroying the planet. From a third-person perspective, players roam around ‘open-world’ environments and use element-based projectiles (e.g., lightning bolts, ice spikes, power grenades) to kill mutated monsters, animal-like creatures, and gun-toting soldiers. Combat is often frenetic and includes explosions, cries of pain, and brief blood splashes to indicate damage. Players have the ability to attack pedestrians wandering through the city and Bio Leech them while they are lying on the ground; this electrical attack sucks the life out of the injured character. In one comic book–style cutscene, a character uses a rifle butt to strike a civilian, resulting in a blood-splatter effect. As the game progresses, players can explore a red-light district that contains advertisements infused with sexual references/innuendo (e.g., ‘Sex,’ ‘Live Nude Girls,’ ‘Erotic Peep Show,’ and ‘Latch It and Skank’); some neon signs also depict silhouettes of pole dancers. During the course of the game, players can create their own missions and assign ‘drunk’ characteristics (e.g., ‘Happy,’ ‘Sloppy’) to non-playable characters; in one cutscene, two men are depicted drinking beer until they fall asleep. Another cutscene contains a brief drug reference (e.g., ‘What happened, old guy slip you a roofie?’). The words ‘sh*t’ and ‘b*tch’ can be heard in the dialogue.

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