Namco Bandai Tells Tales of Xillia in Screen Form

May 1, 2011Written by Heath Hindman

After having just sent out some new screens the other day, Namco Bandai is at it again, busting out another, much bigger batch. This time, the shots include lots of things from town navigation to combat to side conversations.

Here they are:

These shots show a little bit more of the introduction of Rowen, who was introduced in the last update linked above. They also show more of his battle skills as well as those of other party members.

It should also be noted that while these screens are originally from a direct feed, a little bit of quality has been lost in the resizing and uploading process of the source website. Yeah yeah, brush that off if you want since this is a PlayStation website, but that’s what’s up. We’re not sure how the visuals will ultimately stack up to Vesperia or Graces f, but these screens in particular are just the tiniest bit shy of where they’ll be in the final release. We might just have to wait till it’s on our TVs.

Tales of Xillia is currently expected to be released some time in the second half of 2011 in Japan, while the next Tales of… title the English world gets will be Tales of Graces f for PlayStation 3.