Zoo Entertainment Bringing Wanted Corp to the PSN Ranks

May 4, 2011Written by Cameron Teague

Developer Zoo Entertainment has a new top-down shooter in the works for both the PlayStation Network and PC. The game, titled Wanted Corp, puts players in the shoes of bounty hunters who are tasked with capturing fugitives who have escaped from a prison ship that just happened to crash on an alien planet.

Players will directly control a heavy weapons powerhouse named Neal H. MadDogg and a lethal psychic named Irina Zimoy. Gamers will have the option to toggle between each character in a single player campaign or joined a friend in online/offline co-op. There will be four different campaigns to make your way through, with 26 various enemies to go head to head with. Upgrading will play a key role in the game as you can use credits earned from capturing enemies, finding objects and completing secondary missions to upgrade abilities, change weapons, or pay to get healed.

In the press release, Mark Seremet, CEO of Zoo Entertainment had the following to say:

Embracing new genres is important for our continued growth. As our first entry in the third-person shooting game genre, Wanted Corp is a thrilling, multiplayer action title that moves us into new territory.

You can check out the announcement trailer and screenshots below, then tell us in the comments whether you are planning to pick up this game.

Wanted Corp will be available this summer on the PlayStation Network for the great price of $9.99.