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PSN Still On Track for This Week

Sony has said that the PlayStation Network would resume this week, but unfortunately missed the original estimate of this past Tuesday, May 3rd. While Sony did add the stipulation, that they’d do so only if they were confident the PlayStation Network was “secure”, users are still frustrated that another update hasn’t been provided.

Users of the official PlayStation forums expressed this frustration, to which SCEE’s Community Team Leader, MusterBuster, responded to try and ease the minds of the masses of PSN users eager to get back to their normal online gaming habits. MusterBuster’s message reads:

Hey guys,

I would love to be able to give you new information, and right now there isn’t any available.

I’m asking lots of questions but at the moment all I’m being told is that the “last update still stands” eg – Some PlayStation Network services will be restored this week.

The very second I hear anything new, it will be passed on to you. I’m also keeping a note of your feedback throughout this outage, so keep posting it.

Much love,


It’s assuring to see, but most users are likely feeling like they’ll believe it when they see it. That attitude is certainly warranted, especially considering the length of time the PlayStation Network has been down, and how long Sony kept users in the dark.

We’ll be sure to update if anything more concrete is announced.