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“Press X For Trophies” Is a New Game That Mocks PS Store Shovelware

Looking for a game with easy trophies? How about “Press X For Trophies?” That’s actually the title of a new game that has appeared on the PS Store and from the looks of it, someone isn’t happy about the shovelware that’s been taking over their beloved online storefront lately, and created a product description that mocks the sad state of affairs. As spotted by the lovely folks over at PushSquare, Press X For Trophies has been listed as an upcoming game, but it doesn’t look like it actually exists. The entire product page is a sight to behold.

Cheap games with easy trophies have become increasingly popular

I gotta admit that I’m one of those who’s spent a few pennies on a terrible game, if I can even call it that, only to Platinum it in a few minutes. Titled Road Bustle, it’s still listed on the PS Store for $0.99 and its developer even offers an entire bundle of shovelware should you want to boost your Platinum count. Press X For Trophies seems to be the product of frustration with these types of games, if the description below is anything to go by…

easy trophies
Photo credit: PSNProfiles user Aranea Highwind

The developer is listed as “Game Achievements Ltd” with a release window of “Announced.”

Again, we’re not sure if Press X For Trophies actually exists. And if it does, how these gems keep slipping past Sony. Perhaps, the company realizes that there’s a healthy appetite for easy trophies among players? As PushSquare points out, we started with indies like My Name Is Mayo and now we’re here. Sad indeed.

In other news, Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Wildlands (a real game with real trophies) is reportedly set to join PS Plus Extra August 2022 lineup, and here’s every PS4 and PS5 game releasing this week.