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Tune In With PlayStation Earphones To Tune Out Nuisance

May 11, 2011Written by Ray Conley

Tired of hearing about the PSN still being down? Perhaps this awesome gear straight from the labs of Sony might help you tune into a different channel of gamer Feng shui.

Later this summer, Sony will be cutting the packaging tape on a wardrobe of PlayStation branded earphones. And for those of you that care about style, you’ll get to choose from six different color schemes to match that awesome tie your mother gave you for Christmas. Numbing your hearing will never feel better as you can now save the world on your PSP without those annoying outside distractions, or listen to our podcast with the ultimate PlayStation attire.

Popping these bad boys into your ears will set you back about $27 when it hits shelves this July 21 – in Japan. So you’ll probably need to hit up your Asian pen-pals or roll the dice on eBay for a chance to sport this new PS headgear.