Retrospective From Sony On Success of 3D Gaming Incoming

It seems like only yesterday that we were in Sony’s Culver City studio lot, giving our initial impressions on some of the first titles to be enhanced with stereoscopic 3D. But as of next month, it will have been a full year since Sony pushed gaming into the next dimension, and they intend on reporting whether that experience has been a good investment or not.

At the upcoming Develop Conference in Brighton, Senior Director of Sony Computer Entertainment Mick Hocking will be giving a keynote presentation at the conference. Titled “The Stereoscopic 3D Experience – The First Year of 3D on PlayStation 3,” it takes place on July 21st, the last day of the show. The entire presentation will be presented to the audience in Full HD Stereoscopic 3D, as well as in surround sound. Several case studies will be presented, such as SOCOM 4 and Killzone 3, as well as horror stories and what not to do when developing for 3D. Mr. Hocking sounded excited to be able to share his experiences to the Develop Conference attendees:

I’m really looking forward to giving this keynote at Develop. I’ll be doing a 3D post-mortem from Killzone 3, and also showing how we implemented 3D as an advanced post effect in SOCOM 4. I’ll look at how we used a 2D camera for 3D augmented reality in EyePet Move. Actually being able to show these on a big screen with surround sound will make all the difference for the audience.

The Develop Conference takes place from July 19-21. At last year’s Develop Conference, we spoke to Mick Hocking about Sony’s 3D plans and it will be interesting to see how they have changed since 2010;