Modern Warfare 3 Teaser Trailers Released, Game Officially Announced

May 14, 2011Written by Josh Fernandes

Starhawk isn’t the only game riling up the fan base before E3. Over the past few days, leaks possibly concerning major aspects of Modern Warfare 3 have found their way onto the internet. Today, Activision officially released a teaser trailer for Modern Warfare 3, but there is a twist depending on where you live.

Activision has released a 34 second trailer for Modern Warfare 3. The trailer features a city being ravaged by war, and at the end of the trailer, a Russian voice can be heard. However, the city which is being attacked and the phrase the Russian man says at the end is different for America, England, France, and Germany. For the American trailer, New York city is being attacked and the Russian at the end says, “One, destroy enemy’s hope to win” For the England trailer, London is being attacked and the voice at the end says, “Two, use all to our benefit.” For the France trailer, Paris is being attacked and the voice says, “Three, use our enemy’s weakness.” Finally, for the German trailer, Berlin is being attacked and the voice says, “Four, attack from unexpected side.”

Check out the trailers below and tell us what you think these trailers add up to reveal about the plot of Modern Warfare 3.





Clearly, each region is getting a different piece of the puzzle, but what do the trailers mean? Share your thoughts below.