Drop in the Action with Renegade Ops Trailer & Screens

May 19, 2011Written by Cameron Teague

Sega has released a gameplay trailer and a bundle of screenshots for Renegade Ops, a top-down, fast paced arcade shooter from developer Avalanche Studios, most famous for their work on Just Cause. In this new trailer we get to check out lots of explosions, fast cars, and even more explosions.

In Renegade Ops players can either go at in alone in single player or team up with friends for two-player split screen or dynamic 4 player co-op. Your goal is to stop the madman Inferno, who has detonated a devastating bomb in an attempt to display his power. In an effort to stop him along with the rest of the Renegade Ops, you must use all the weapons at your disposal like the electro magnetic shock wave or the ever trusted Gatling gun. This is no time to leave anything left in the barrel, so unload your whole clip with the trailer and screenshots below.

Renegade Ops is set for release on the PlayStation Network later this year.