Battlefield Wake Island Comparison Shows Just How Far Games Have Come

May 21, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

Battlefield 3 has been one of the hottest online topics during the past couple of months, primarily due to some outstanding trailers that EA has released. One of the major underlying factors for the hype is that the game looks visually stellar in its current form, with animations, lighting, textures, and effects all impressing to the highest degree. To help define just how beautiful the game will be, we have a comparison screenshot to blow your mind, especially if you’re a fan of the series.

BF3Blog has released a comparison image which includes a gameplay screenshot from Battlefield 2 versus the currently in-development addition to the series, Battlefield 3. The best part is that both images are shot on Wake Island, one of the defining maps for the Battlefield universe. While Battlefield 3 is currently in alpha, and the presentation will likely change slightly by the time its release date arrives, you can see just how far technology has come since BF2 came out in 2005. See below:

How’s that for impressive? The bottom image reveals a much grittier tone on the battlefield, something that the series has never been known for. Wake Island won’t be the only map returning, though, as EA has confirmed the return of my personal favorite Gulf of Oman, as well as both Sharqi Peninsula, and Strike at Karkand. All four returning maps were extremely popular in Battlefield 2, a game that is still played by thousands more than half of a decade later.

Thanks BF3Blog for the image!