EA: Next Battlefield Game Will Be 'A Meaningful Part of Our Future'

EA: Next Battlefield Game Will Be ‘A Meaningful Part of Our Future’

Electronic Arts opened up about the next Battlefield game in its quarterly financial conference call, hinting at what the future of the series may look like.

When is the new Battlefield game coming out?

In its conference call (via TechRaptor), Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson spoke briefly about the future of the Battlefield franchise. According to Wilson, the next Battlefield game will be a big part of EA’s future, and he’s excited about what’s coming together for the game, praising the leadership team they’ve put together for the title.

“I think we’ve put together an extraordinary creative leadership team,” said Wilson of the next Battlefield game. “We’ve got the team gathering actually this week in Sweden. I had a call this morning with some of the leadership and they’re very bullish on how that’s progressing. I think we’ve got extraordinary confidence in that team and extraordinary confidence in the progress they’re making against the future of that franchise.”

Wilson went on to say that the team behind the next Battlefield game isn’t building just a game, but instead “a platform” in order to continue to “drive live services over the decades to come.” However, he wouldn’t much more beyond that, noting that they will share more as the time comes.

“We’re not just building a game. We’re building a platform, content as a platform to drive live services over the decades to come,” Wilson said. “And so, as we continue to move through this process and become appropriate will share more about the future of Battlefield, but it is firmly implanted in that first pillar of our strategy, building games and experiences that attract and entertain massive online communities across platforms. across business models, and across geographies and we think that Battlefield is going to be a meaningful part of our future, and will share more as time progresses.”

The last Battlefield game to release, Battlefield 2042, launched in 2021 to negative reviews due to the game’s technical issues and various lack of features. However, through updates over the past year and a half, fans have slowly returned to the game.