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[Update] New PSP Firmware Announced, Will Also Cause Password Changing Confusion

May 24, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

Update: The firware update is now live.

After the unfortunate attack on the PlayStation Network, Sony took the Store and services offline to try and find out the true extent of the intrusion. With PSN user details stolen, unknown individuals managed to steal the passwords of up to 77 million accounts, so to ensure that these criminals can’t access your details once again, Sony forced you to change your password on the PlayStation 3, and will bow also force PSP users to change their passwords.

After releasing a firmware update on the PlayStation 3 that forced gamers to change their PSN password, Sony have announced that they will be bringing a similar update to the PlayStation Portable – firmware version 6.39. Hopefully however, you will not need to use the first PSP you registered with, as the rule caused mass disarray among some gamers on the PS3. Additionally, it is not known if Sony will use an alternative email password reset – something that often took 24 hours to arrive due to the amount of emails requested, and something that was open to nefarious exploits.

The update will also improve system software stability for some features.