Metal Gear Solid Rumored to be Peace Walking onto PS3 this E3

May 25, 2011Written by Cameron Teague

With E3 around the proverbial corner, the rumor mill has slowly started to move and has churned out a rather large rumor. According to a new report, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will be announced at this year’s E3 as part of Sony’s PSP Remaster series, which was just recently announced in Japan.

JVN reports that the game will be confirmed at this years E3 as one of the first titles to be remastered for Western audiences. The Remaster series takes the most popular PSP titles, remasters and re-releases them on the PlayStation 3 with HD graphics, improved controls, and added features. Now, unlike Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver., which will see a disc release, MGS: Peace Walker will likely be releasing as a PlayStation Network download, according to the site.

E3 is just two weeks from kicking off and if Sony is planning such a series in the US, we cannot think of a better game to headline this deal than MGS: Peace Walker. Stay tuned with PlayStation LifeStyle for all your E3 coverage needs.