David O. Russell Leaves Uncharted Movie

Renowned director David O. Russell – who has directed Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter – has made a sensational and unexpected exit from the movie adaptation of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

Variety broke the news – insiders tell the website that split was down to the fact that it was “amicable and due to creative differences on the project.

Oscar-nominated David O. Russell had signed with the movie’s studio, Columbia Pictures, back in February, 2011. He was put in charge of directing the first movie adaptation of the Uncharted series.

Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer wrote the first draft of the script, but Sony has begun looking for new writers, despite liking the plot.

It’s definitely a surprising exit from Russell, considering the fact that he was reportedly extremely happy to join the team and direct the movie, however, considering the rumors of a Mark Wahlberg starring movie about a family of treasure hunters, maybe it is for the best.

The movie is rumored to release sometime in 2013.