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Mark Wahlberg Confirmed to Star in Uncharted Movie

Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series has been praised for its cinematic quality, causing countless people to believe it could work well as a film. Sony’s Columbia Pictures agreed with gamers, and last year the film studio announced that they would be adapting Drake’s Fortune for the big screen. One of the biggest questions from Uncharted fans was who would play the loveable Nathan Drake, with some campaigning for Nathan Fillion, and other’s for the character’s voice actor, Nolan North. However, it looks like it was for naught, as the studio have set their eyes on a completely different actor.

Action star Mark Wahlberg seems to have taken up the mantle for the position, as well being joined by dynamic duo Joe Pesci and Robert DeNiro. How would these men fit in to the game? In a surprisingly candid interview with MTV News, Marky Mark seems to spill the beans:

Father? Uncle? While Victor Sullivan aptly filled the “mentor” role, he doesn’t seem to have any sort of blood ties to Nathan. I just hope that David O. Russell gets this one right. My expectations for the movie have just fallen quite a bit… Let’s just hope that it won’t be canon, just like the book.