Sony Confirms PS4 Development

Although it’s obvious that the major console manufactures, including Sony, start work on another console as soon as one is finished, the company haven’t openly confirmed a future console’s development… until now.

Sony’s executive vice president and chief financial officer Masaru Kato has confirmed that a future platform to succeed the PlayStation 3 “is already under way”. The news was unveiled during a conference call to investors, which was carried out earlier today. Kato confirmed a new console’s development when he was asked to explain R&D costs for the company.

Kato said:

For the home equipment the PS3 still has a product life, but this is a platform business, so for the future platform – when we’ll be introducing what product I cannot discuss that – but our development work is already under way, so the costs are incurred there.

The comment made from Masuru Kato above contradict the sayings of Sony Computer Entertainment boss Kaz Hirai. Hirai said a few months back:

A near-future PS4 or next-generation home console is not something that we are even debating now.

Hirai also stated that Sony were not even at the half-way point in the PlayStation 3’s planned 10-year life cycle. However, with Nintendo confirming they have a next-generation console to unveil during E3, it certainly isn’t a surprise that the corporation has confirmed the PlayStation 3 successor’s existence.