Yakuza: Of the End Screenshots Show The Mafia Side of Zombies

Here are a bunch of new screens of Sega’s PS3-exclusive Yakuza: Of the End (Or rather, Ryu Ga Gotoku: Of The End as it’s called in Japanese). These show off a pair of new characters, Hiro Rin and Tetsuo Nikaidou. The guy in the baseball cap is Hiro, who went missing some time ago and during that time, apparently became a zombie. Oh, video games.

Tetsuo, the guy looking all tough and checking out a sword up close, is an old but respected yakuza force who also disappeared from the scene and there are many a whisper as to why he’s suddenly back in Kamuro-cho. Let’s get to those screens:

After having been delayed due to the headline-making tsunami that wrecked a large portion of Northeast Japan, Yakuza: Of the End is ready to bust into retail shops nationwide on June 9, amid great expectations and high anticipation. It’ll sport a somewhat high price of 7,980 yen (about $90 US), but it comes with some small extras such as stickers and limited edition packaging, and gamers get the satisfaction of knowing that a portion of the profits are going to the disaster relief efforts.