Yakuza: Of the End Special Box Ready To Unleash Armageddon

Sega’s Yakuza: Of The End was originally planned for a mid-March release, but got, like so many others, disrupted by the headline-making tsunami. The game has now gone gold, and with its special “Be Strong Like a Dragon, Japan!” sticker included, Sega has sent out images of the retail box.

In addition to the box with its new message of encouragement, Sega has also shown off some limited edition stickers that will come packed in. These show series main man Kazuma Kiryu, and his adopted niece Haruka in their usual outfit,s and carry the same “Ganbarou, Nippon!” message that is found on the newly redesigned store packaging. Eleven stickers are on the sheet. Images of both are right here:

Ryu Ga Gotoku: Of the End will ship to Japanese stores on June 9, selling for 7,980 yen (roughly $90), though there’s no word of a stateside launch at this time. Interested members of the family are encouraged to click the series’ official website.