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Rumor: NGP To Be Called PlayStation Vita

There’s been rumors flying around since early yesterday about the NGP being dubbed the PS Vita. At first we shrugged it off, thinking that someone was confused about the NGP’s original codename of Veta. However, some new evidence has surfaced that adds credence to the rumor.

The first glimmer of proof came from Blogger, Mega Rock Blog, which published the following images:

After these images were released, some sleuths hit the scene, searching for anything at all related to the new name. A good detective will look in two places, the US Trademark Office, or searching for possible WhoIs registrations of related domains. The latter method stuck the mother lode.

The domain name is currently registered to a NetNames Ltd. A domain service that is also the technical contact for, a domain name that is clearly listed as registered to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

Let me be clear: This isn’t at all proof. We discovered a domain just before Sony’s motion controller was officially named the PlayStation Move. So even despite this  new findings, anything can happen between now and June 6th at 5PM PST, when Sony’s E3 Press Conference kicks off and the name will officially be dropped. Like it’s hot.