Evidence Suggests PlayStation Arc Name Set in Motion

Sony have recently announced the PS3 Motion Controller to have a Fall 2010 release date worldwide. However the name, Motion Controller was still listed as being the tentative name for the device. According to a “concrete source” close to VG247, the Motion Controller will be named ‘Arc’. After Sony refused to comment on “rumor or speculation” along with the glaring omission of the name Arc from the recent press release announcing the controller’s launch, we nearly gave up on the idea of Arc being the official name.

Now, we’ve found some compelling evidence that suggests ‘Arc’ could indeed be the name of the Motion Controller.

Originally dubbed Gem as it’s internal codename, Sony’s Motion Controller looks to bring precision and accuracy like no other. By using a glowing orb at the end of the device, the PlayStation Eye will track movement 1:1. Upon its launch this Fall, Sony plans on making the controller the “de facto” PS3 controller along side the Dualshock 3.

Earlier this week when a source speaking with VG247 under “strict anonymity” revealed the Motion Controller’s name to be Arc, the entire internet was abuzz with speculation. After much searching and sleuthing, we’ve found some evidence that Arc could very well could be the name for the upcoming controller.

A simple “whois” lookup of the domain PlayStationArc.com has revealed that the domain is registered by none other than Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. When visiting the URL, you’re greeted with a broken link, but that doesn’t mean something isn’t being planned for an official unveiling. Even though this is a domain registered by Sony, there is also the chance that this is nothing more than a coincidence.

On a side note, there is an elaborate but shoddy hoax set up involving the PS3 motion controller. PS3Arc.com has popped up posing as an official Sony webpage. The hoax web site claims the controller is coming this fall with a “Kownage Expansion Pack”. Don’t be fooled, this site isn’t registered by Sony, and that “Spiderman” font isn’t being used anymore for anything PS3 related.