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PlayStation Studios Will Showcase More Games at Summer Game Fest 2024 – Report

Rumor has it that PlayStation Studios plan to showcase more games during the Summer Game Fest 2024 in June. If you’re one of those who were left underwhelmed by yesterday’s State of Play, then don’t lose hope just yet as there might be more coming from Sony’s first-party developers.

What PlayStation Studios could potentially bring to Summer Game Fest 2024

The aforementioned report comes from known and reliable insider Midori, who goes as @MbKKssTBhz5 on X. Although they mostly focus on Sega and Atlus leaks, which have been accurate thus far, they appear to have some knowledge of what’s coming to Summer Game Fest.

One of the games speculated to show up at the event is Lego Horizon Adventures, which was recently leaked and corroborated by several insiders. The game did not make it to yesterday’s State of Play, so there’s a chance we’ll see it at the upcoming show.

Considering Hideo Kojima’s relationship with the event host Geoff Keighley, there’s speculation that Death Stranding 2 will also be showcased at Summer Game Fest. However, Death Stranding 2 isn’t considered a first-party game even though Sony owns the IP.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 DLC has been rumored for a while so there’s a chance Sony will choose to showcase the content at a more recognized event. But take all of this with a grain of salt to avoid a second round of disappointment.