Okabu Jumps the Gun; Releases E3 Trailer Early

May 30, 2011Written by Cameron Teague

E3 is still a week away, but that hasn’t stopped developer HandCircus from jumping the gun and releasing the E3 trailer for their upcoming PlayStation Network game, Okabu. Called one of the cutest games ever made, players might have a hard time feeling giggly once they see it.

The game will have players riding happy clouds on a quest to save a ravaged land from a tough enemy with plans to pollute the environment (think global warming in a Disney setting). It’s the player’s job to control the clouds to solve puzzles and collect various NPC enablers that bring with them certain abilities. The game will feature two-player co-op so that both clouds can be human controlled or you can just switch between the two in single player.

Okabu is so cute in fact, that it left our very own PaulMichael in what we think were tears at this past years GDC, and that man never cries. See for yourself.