PlayStation Network Now the Most Secure of its Kind Says Avalance Producer

May 30, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

Sony was shoved between a rock and a hard place in late-April when their network was hacked at a monumental level. Since then, users have found out that Sony didn’t do everything in their power to keep their multi-million dollar system in check with the most recent security features. It’s safe to say after losing hundreds of millions of dollars and tons of support that they’ve improved the setup, but just how much?

The producer at Avalanche Studios, which you may identify with the Just Cause series, has shown his full confidence in the new and better than ever PSN security model. When speaking to CVG, Andreas Thorsen stated:

I think the new system that they bring now will probably be even more secure than the competitors’. I don’t think this is something that is unique to the PSN, it’s just that this time it happened to them

The full extent of the security upgrade hasn’t been publicly disclosed, so it’s all up to educated guessing at this point, but you can be sure that the most hateful hackers on the planet did everything they could to try and re-hack the system as soon as it came back up about two weeks ago. Judging by the fact that it’s still up and running, we’re relatively sure that it’s as rigid as they come. As Andreas stated, it’s nothing new for a big company to get hacked, but now that the PlayStation Network as probably the most secure in the industry, Sony is in a much safer place than before. Sorry hackers, but you’ll have to find someone else to toy with.