PlayStation Store Preview – May 31, 2011: WTF Already Edition!

Want to know what is coming to the PlayStation Store this week? Find out in our weekly PlayStation Store Preview, complete with confirmed content, as well as a look into the future in our coming soon section.

NOTE: OK. We’ve been completely understanding during this PlayStation Network security breach. Shit happens. We’ve waited patiently for the PlayStation Store to return for over 5 weeks now. But seriously, we’re getting anxious. We know you are too. With no clear announcement from Sony about when to expect a return, we have no choice but to play the waiting game (that’s about the only game we’re playing). Will the PlayStation Store return this week? We don’t know, and we’re starting to think Sony doesn’t either. We’d like nothing more than to eat those words.

If the PlayStation Store is in fact coming before the end of May, then tomorrow is the last day for that to happen. And if it does indeed make its return, here’s all of the games, demos, DLC and more that we’ve missed over the past 5 or so weeks.

Also (if the Store does return) don’t forget to pick up any free games offered as part of Sony’s Welcome Back package. For full details on North America’s Welcome Back offering, click here. For details on Europe/Australia’s Welcome Back offering, click here.


Red Faction: Armageddon Demo

Motorstorm: Apocalypse Demo

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Demo

Beyond Good & Evil HD

Under Siege

Red Johnson’s Chronicles


Gatling Gears

Crysis 2 – Retaliation DLC

Fallout: New Vegas DLC – Honest Hearts

Shift 2: Unleashed DLC – Legends Pack

Moon Diver DLC

Zen Pinball DLC – Sorcerer’s Lair


rock-band Rock Band DLC

  • Lady Gaga – “Born This Way
  • Lady Gaga – “LoveGame
  • Lady Gaga – “Paparazzi
  • Foreigner – “Hot Blooded” X
  • Foreigner – “Urgent” X
  • Roy Orbison – “Blue Bayou
  • Roy Orbison – “Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)
  • Roy Orbison – “Only the Lonely (Know the Way I Feel)” X
  • KISS – “Rock and Roll All Nite (Live)” X
  • KISS – “Strutter (Live)
  • Culture Club – “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me
  • Faith No More – “From Out of Nowhere
  • Loverboy – “Working for the Weekend” X
  • Phish – “Stash” X
  • Phish – “Tweezer
  • Stone Temple Pilots – “Big Bang Baby” X
  • Foo Fighters – “Long Road to Ruin
  • Foo Fighters – “Rope” X
  • Foo Fighters – “Stacked Actors
  • Foo Fighters – “Walk
  • Lordi – “Hard Rock Hallelujah
  • Run-DMC – “King of Rock
  • Pantera – “5 Minutes Alone” X
  • Pantera – “I’m Broken
  • Pantera – “Mouth for War
  • Pantera – “Walk” X
  • Peter Frampton – “Do You Feel Like We Do (Live)
  • Ozzy Osbourne “Bark at the Moon” X
  • Ozzy Osbourne “Diary of a Madman
  • Ozzy Osbourne “Flying High Again
  • Ozzy Osbourne “I Don’t Know
  • Ozzy Osbourne “Mama, I’m Coming Home” X
  • Ozzy Osbourne “Mr. Crowley” X
  • Ozzy Osbourne “Over the Mountain
  • Ozzy Osbourne “Steal Away (The Night)

inFamous 2 Demo


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