Developer Hints at Exact PlayStation Store Return

Sony recently confirmed that the PlayStation Network would finally fully resume services by the end of this week, which includes the restoration of the PlayStation Store. However, the company didn’t mention an exact date, leaving many to ponder which day the Store would be back online. If a developer hint is anything to go by, gamers may finally know the exact date the PlayStation Store will be back following its one month outage.

Gamelion, a studio who has developed titles for mobile, home, as well as portable consoles has delivered a strong hint in regards to the exact date the PlayStation Store will be back online. On the developer’s official Facebook page, they posted:

Block Cascade Fusion is coming as Minis for PS3 and PSP to North America on 3rd June 2011!

So, with the date Gamelion’s citing to be June 3rd, it drops a strong indication towards the fact that the PlayStation Store could be back up online this Friday. Also, with Sony stating all services – including the Store – would fully resume by the end of this week, it may very well be this Friday.

Gamelion’s work has spanned across several platforms including the PlayStation Portable, Apple’s iPhones and Nintendo Wii’s WiiWare. Their latest title, Block Casade Fusion is a music puzzle game, similar to the concept of Lumines.