Kevin Butler Makes Long-Awaited Return; E3 Presence in Tow?

PlayStation’s VP of practically everything, Kevin Butler, was last seen tweeting early on during the PlayStation Network outage. But it’s been an entire month since the Sony mascot has made a peep… er… tweet. But now Butler is back!

Squashing fears that he had left his job at Sony, Kevin Butler has just tweeted:

I just shaved off the most epic beard ever.

Clearly referring to the PlayStation Network outage, Butler shows how involved and deeply affected he was: He didn’t even shave.

Kevin Butler made an epic appearance during Sony’s E3 press conference last year when he came onto the stage and discussed the PlayStation Move, gaming and much more, all while poking jokes at Microsoft’s Kinect reveal event.

With Sony expected to put a large emphasis on the Next Generation Portable during this year’s E3 press conference, and with Kevin Butler’s sudden resurgence, we bet he makes another epic appearance at this year’s conference.