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NGP’s Backwards Compatibility Detailed, Dual Analogue Sticks Supported

When the NGP was first announced, it was revealed that the handheld would be able to play downloadable PSP games. At a press event today, Sony has detailed the NGP’s backwards compatibility – including the fact that the titles will be upscaled and optimised.

The NGP will offer an optimized experience for each game, with titles smoothed and upscaled – something that can be toggled on and off. Additionally, the NGP’s dual analogue sticks will be supported, with Sony demonstrating Resistance Retribution. Sony Bend’s Retribution was shown working with the second analogue stick being used to move the character’s point of view in the third person shooter.

The games will be available on the PSN, through the NGP/Vita, but no word was given on whether titles previously purchased through the PSP will need to be bought again.

Expect to see more on the NGP and the upscaled PSP titles next Monday during the Sony’s PlayStation conference, which we’ll be covering live.