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Sound Shapes Announced For NGP, Coming From Everyday Shooter Creator

One of the first truly indie games on the PlayStation Network, Everyday Shooter was created and developed by one man: Jonathan Mak. Mak has been hard at work on his next game for the PlayStation – Sound Shapes, exclusively for the NGP.

The project began as a collaboration between Jonathan Mak and Shaw-Han Liem, but grew to include several developers. In Sound Shapes you play as a wobbly circle that has tiny suckers sticking out of it. The aim of the game is to collect floating blobs that represent musical notes, which all add to the overall soundtrack of the level. Once/if they are all collected you will be able to hear the full song.

The game will feature around 30 songs, all original and created by Shaw-Han Liem.

Sound Shapes will also feature a level editor where you can place notes and create your own levels using the NGP’s touch screens, which can be uploaded for others to download and remix.