Sound Shapes Level Editor Trailer Released & Details On Earning Trophies Revealed

Take a look at Sound Shapes‘ level editor and learn more about how to earn Trophies in the game.

On the PS Blog, Sound Shapes Producer and Designer Mathew Kumar released some details that provide insight into how to make levels and how to earn Trophies in the game. He first provided a trailer that shows Queasy Games’ Jonathan Mak using the game’s level editor to create a whole level from scratch in the PlayStation Vita version of the game.

As for Trophies, Kumar has said that Queasy Games doesn’t want gamers to be playing levels in specific ways just to earn Trophies or trying to “game” their community, so they’ve invented “Death Mode” and “Beat School.” Death Mode is available once players have beaten all of the game’s albums and offers players the opportunity to “flip” albums over to their “b-side” and play intense, single-screen challenges that task players with collecting notes without dying. Each win unlocks a Trophy. In Beat School, players will be asked to create beats by listening and matching to a beat included by the development team.

Trophy hunters should also take note that the game does offer a Platinum Trophy.

Sound Shapes will release on August 7th for PS3 & Vita for $14.99 (or $11.99 for PS+ subscribers for a limited time). Will you be tracking down Trophies in Death Mode or spending time with the level editor (or both)?