First SSX Gameplay Trailer Released, Looks Impressive

Following SSX: Deadly Descents‘ original reveal trailer, fans of SSX haven’t been treated to any new information about the EA Sports developed title. With E3 only days away, EA have revealed the debut gameplay trailer for SSX and it certainly aims to impress.

Series veteran Elise had already been confirmed as a playable character for the snowboard game earlier in the week. The trailer below, courtesy of GameTrailers, also confirms another veteran of the long-running franchise: Mac.

As the trailer gave a preview of, SSX will boast three different types of gameplay:

  • Deadly Descent – a new addition to the franchise, this mode is all about survival. Obstacles like “avalanches and rockslides, and falling stalactites” will task players with making it to the bottom alive.
  • Speed Descent – racing down the hill in what Batty describes as “the core of SSX“.
  • Tricky Descent – the trickiest mode of them all (pun intended), players will perform tricks for the higher score.

SSX is currently scheduled for a release January 2012.