View the Past with White Knight Chronicles: Origins Launch Trailer

With its release date in Europe right around the corner, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has released the launch trailer for White Knight Chronicles: Origins. This PSP title is a prequel to the original White Knight Chronicles that was released in 2008 for the PlayStation 3.

Developed by SCE Japan Studio and Matrix Software, Origins sets players in charge of a mercenary organization known as the Mobile Corps, who get their name due to the fact that they operate via Train. The story actually picks up 10,000 years before the original game in a period known as the Dogma Wars. The combat system will be a real-time system like its console brother and will feature online co-op missions for up to 4 players.

White Knight Chronicles: Origins is set for release in Europe June 10th with no plans yet for a North American release. Maybe this could be one of the surprise announcements at E3 which would make this particular writer a very happy man.