PS Vita Price Decided in 2008

Sony has always been on the forefront of technology in the console space. But being on the forefront of technology, often means being the most expensive as well… as was the case with the PS3. With the PS Vita however, Sony took quite a different approach. One that appears to already be reaping dividends based upon Internet feedback.

Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios President, provided some interesting details into how different the PS Vita strategy was compared to the PS3. In a recent interview when asked about the price of the hardware, Yoshida-san described a much different approach:

This time, we did not adopt a strategy of setting the price after deciding what we want to include in terms of technologies and functions.

Instead, we first set the price target and, then, started to decide hardware specifications and functions such as CPU, GPU, touch panel, camera and various sensors within the price limit.

The PS Vita, according to many gamers and journalists,  has been commended for hitting the right price given the technology it has. Based upon Yoshida-san’s comments, it’s clear this was 100% by design.