Vita Rockets to Top of Sales Charts After Price Announcement

With all the features packed into the PlayStation Vita, many gamers and analysts predicted that the handheld would be enormously expensive when it releases later this year. So when Sony announced at E3 that the Vita will be available for $249 for the standard Wi-Fi model and $299 for the 3G model, we were absolutely jubilant, and apparently so were consumers.

Since the price reveal, the Wi-Fi only Vita topped Amazon’s “Bestsellers in Video Games” as well as “Hot New Releases”, with the 3G version coming in at 4th place. In comparison, the 160 GB PlayStation 3 was at 21, 4GB Xbox 360 at 23 and the Black Nintendo 3DS at 54.

It’s good to see the Vita already off to a good start, and hopefully it will be able to beat the 70 million selling PSP despite the growth of mobile gaming.

Are you one of the people that have pre-ordered? And if so, will you be buying the 3G or the Wi-Fi only version?