PSP Surpasses 70 Million Units Sold

With all the latest ongoings in the news media over the newly announced PlayStation Vita, beginning with the announcement of the codenamed NGP at the 2011 PlayStation Meeting, the original PlayStation Portable has been left in the dust in both media coverage and game releases. However, to the surprise of many, the PSP is still selling a relatively well in a few regions. 

In Japan, for example, the PSP has repeatedly led the pack on the sales charts. In North America, however, the only platform the portable would outdo is the dated PlayStation 2. Sales charts aside, the PSP has achieved a major sales milestone since it’s 2005 release. As of April 27 of this year, the PSP has sold over 70 million units worldwide. Across it’s library of 3,200 UMD titles, 298 million software units. By comparison, the PlayStation 3, while released later, has sold over 438 million software units which goes to show how much more successful the console is than the original platform.

Regardless of sluggish monthly sales, the PSP is by no means a failure given the numbers that it boasts as of right now. Unfortunately, with the price and potential launch titles of the PS Vita revealed at long last, PSP sales are sure to plummet as consumers will likely hold out until the next portable from Sony releases.

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