Don’t RAGE Too Much Over this Short Delay

id Software’s Rage is working itself up to be an incredible, if not beautiful game later this year. Those excited for it will have to wait just a bit longer than previously expected though.

First noticed over at NeoGAF, the post-apocalyptic shooter seems to have been pushed back a bit. According to both GameStop and the id Software homepage, Rage has been moved to October 4th, a paltry three weeks. Crumbs in terms of most delays in this day and age. Why was it pushed back when its release date was announced 13 months in advance? Unless they are planning on releasing a Day 1 patch, there isn’t too much developing or polishing that could be done in that time.

Could it be a marketing issue? With Resistance 3, Dead Island, Gears of War 3, and others already scheduled for September, they might want to release the game after those shooter make their sales. Still, Dark Souls, Twisted Metal, and The Darkness II are all scheduled to be released on October 4th as well, there isn’t much they can do. The end of the year is never good for gamers’ wallets due to all the games releasing, but we hardly think of the competition of the publishers must go through. Hopefully this decision will pay off. Otherwise they are sure to RAGE…