Next Bungie Game Might Show Some Steampunk Love [Update: It Won’t]

Update: Bungie’s Liz Spain told Gamespot:

We were actually shooting for another video game company in space borrowed from the Bungie Offices. The game we were shooting for is going to be on the iPad.

PlayStation gamers may not be aware that July 7th is Bungie Day. Bungie annually uses the date to announce all of their games, and to connect with their fans through giveaways, special podcasts, and game nights. On this year’s Bungie Day, they are expected to announce their new MMO, Destiny. Today, there have been several rumors about the theme and setting of Destiny.

First of all, this Linkedin profile from a supposed Bungie developer claims that he is “one of the gameplay programmers who is working on the upcoming Bungie MMO called Destiny.” Developers sometimes update their Linkedin profile before the game they are working on is announced, but people have also forged fake Linkedin profiles, so this is far from concrete evidence. As for the setting of Bungie’s next game, there was a posting a few weeks ago in a Seattle steampunk forum room for “people to show up in steampunk finery to have photos taken for video game artwork for a steampunk game currently in development.” The photo shoot took place on June 3rd, and it was at Bungie Studio. This is much stronger evidence that whatever game the photo shoot was for, it will be a Bungie steampunk game. However, this may be a different game than Destiny if they’re developing multiple titles, which is possible.

Stick with PlayStation LifeStyle and we will update you with everything you need to know about Bungie’s next title.