The Last of Us' 10th Anniversary Won't Have Any Development-Related Announcements

The Last of Us’ 10th Anniversary Won’t Have Any Game Development-Related Announcements

The Last of Us first released on June 14, 2013 on PlayStation 3. That landmark game is just hitting its 10th anniversary, which is a big milestone. However, there won’t be any big announcements about the franchise, according to Naughty Dog.

Don’t expect any The Last of Us game announcements

Naughty Dog laid it out plainly on its Twitter account. The team is posting other forms of media honoring the event like Photo Mode contest winners, an upcoming gallery, a Clicker statue, and interviews from the team reflecting on The Last of Us’ 10th anniversary, but it will “not be making any game development announcements.”

This isn’t exactly surprising, as the studio recently stated that the Last of Us multiplayer game needed more time after its glaring absence from the PlayStation Showcase. This statement was then quickly followed up by a Bloomberg report that painted more of a grim picture of the online title and stated it was being reevaluated after feedback from Bungie. That team working on the mysterious The Last of Us multiplayer project has even reportedly been downsized. It’s unclear when it will show up with a full trailer and reveal, as Naughty Dog has only provided a few pieces of concept art so far.

This also clearly shoots down a possible announcement of a third game in the series or a PS5 remaster of the divisive sequel.