The Last of Us Multiplayer Reportedly Scaled Down

The Last of Us Multiplayer Game Is Reportedly Being Reevaluated as Team Downsizes

Naughty Dog just officially gave a statement about the Last of Us multiplayer game that was not at the PlayStation Showcase and said it needed more time. A new report has given more insight into the mysterious title and that decision to not show it, alleging that the game is currently being reassessed.

The Last of Us multiplayer game is allegedly being reevaluated

This report comes from Bloomberg and notes that Sony has slowed down development on the game in order to “reassess its quality and long-term viability.” The part of the team working on the multiplayer The Last of Us game was scaled back after a recent evaluation and some have reportedly been reassigned elsewhere within the studio. However, despite the downsizing, it is still being worked on while going through its reevaluation.

Bungie was allegedly key in this process, as the Destiny studio “raised questions” about the multiplayer The Last of Us game’s ability to “keep players engaged for a long period of time.” Sony touted Bungie’s expertise in live service games during the acquisition, and Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki said in an investor presentation that the company planned to apply Bungie’s live service knowledge to its other studios.

Insider Jeff Grubb also chimed in by saying that he heard that it “looks a lot like a studio’s first live-service game” and that Naughty Dog wanted to “do things its way, which maybe didn’t bode well for Factions.”

The official statement and unofficial report came just after a PlayStation Showcase that many assumed would include more about this online game. It’s unclear when it will show up with a full trailer and reveal, as Naughty Dog has only provided a few pieces of concept art so far.