Square Enix Showing Interest in PSP Remasters

The PSP Remaster series, a service taking the best PSP games and upgrading them to the big screen, was announced in the weeks leading up to E3 2011 and while there has not been a lot in the way of confirmed titles, Final Fantasy producer Yoshinori Kitase is interested in bringing the best of Square Enix’s PSP titles to the Remaster lineup.

Speaking to Dengeki PlayStation, Kitase and director Motomu Toriyama specifically mentioned Dissidia: Final Fantasy and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII when talking about the PSP Remaster Series. Now this is not confirmation in any way that the two games will be coming to the PS3 as Toriyama stated the two titles are in a “blank state”, meaning they have not made a decision to Remaster.

These two games would go a long way to making the PSP Remaster Series line-up even stronger and a game like Crisis Core could really benefit from the ability to use dual analog sticks. Actually both games could really use this kind of love and we hope to see them on PlayStation 3’s in the future.