Ono Looking to Change the Face of Street Fighter

The core elements that make Ryu and Ken who they are have been around for years. From the days of the Arcade, to the explosion of the fighting-scene, players around the world study their moves, frame data, and recovery time to be come more efficient in combat. What if all of that suddenly changed? What if everyone’s Ken was as unique as the player controlling him? That might become reality.

If Yoshinori Ono, Street Fighter Producer, has his way, every character in Street Fighter would become extremely customizable—and he’s not talking about just their wardrobe. Ono-san had this to say in a recent interview:

I’m not talking about their costumes or something like that, but actually customizing what moves they use — the timing of them, their strengths, their weaknesses — so that my Ryu could be completely different from your Ryu. In addition to our skill sets being different, our characters themselves would be different.

Ono-san then said “I would compare it to something like F-1 Racing. There’s rules they have to obey and regulations for your car, but all the cars have different engines and different parts.”

Ono-san did not provide any details about when or how this would be done, but given how vocal and passionate he is about his games, as soon as he has a plan of attack all of us will be the first to know.