Portal 2 Now One of the Most Successful Valve Games Ever with 3 Million Sold

The sequel to one of the most original puzzle games of our time embraced the PlayStation 3 platform only a couple of months ago, and was the talk of the town for a good couple of weeks. Portal 2 reaped some of the best review scores of the year and, with plenty of marketing, the game propelled itself to stardom, even accruing some sizeable numbers in Japan. But where is it at now?

Gabe Newell, the well-known managing director over at Valve, has revealed that Portal 2 has sold over three-million copies worldwide. This makes it not only one of the best-selling games of the year, but also one of the most successful titles that Valve has ever released.

We enjoyed Portal 2 thoroughly, and felt that it offered a masterful puzzle experience with some hilarious dialogue. Oh, and the co-op was a great addition to the series too. Be sure to check out our review if you haven’t played Valve’s masterpiece already.