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Ryan Cleary Officially Charged by Police, Appearing in Court Tomorrow

Two days ago, UK police arrested Ryan Cleary on suspicion of several sites, including the Serious Organised Crime Agency and possibly even the PSN. Police have now confirmed that Cleary has been charged for his alleged crimes and will appear in court tomorrow.

19-year-old Cleary was charged with one count of the Section 1 Criminal Law Act 1977, 3 of the Section 3 Computer Misuse Act 1990 and one of the Section 3A Computer Misuse Act 1990. Previously, it was suggested that the MET believed that it was likely that Cleary was a member of the group LulzSec, something the group have since denied. The police now believe that Cleary did “conspire with other person or persons unknown to conduct unauthorised modification of computers.”

He is due to appear in custody at City of Westminster Magistrates Court tomorrow morning, where his plea will be taken and bail will be set. It will also be decided which Crown Court and date he will appear at, along with the date – which could be as much as 6 months. The trial could then possibly take years, before a sentence is – or isn’t – passed.

Considering the charges seem to be UK based, it is certainly plausible that Cleary might be extradited to the US, something that was previously suggested considering the joint operation between the British police and the FBI. The extradition would be after Cleary serves his UK sentence, and would likely be longer, considering the US’ tougher stance on cyber crime.